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Across a sea of dunes and dusty sands, under a blistering sun, and freezing moon. Overlooking the Deadman's Ocean is the city of Al'Qazzaharrah; City of wonder, enchantment, streets filled with markets, businesses of all kinds, at the foot of the Azerlan Palace. One could be lost in the wonder of the streets for days, caught in the excitment of a thrilling chase, only to find themselves lost in a maze of dark alleyways. Or the rare heroes who venture past the gates into the Deadman's Ocean in search of treasure, wonders, and artifacts. Come join the cast of people, heroes, and legends in the magical lands of endless sands.

Free Worlds Union Roleplaying Group

A 20th Edition WoD Campaign featuring Changeling, Mage, Vampire, and Werewolf

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Welcome to the city of Duirt

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Game set in a wonderful magical world of wizards, magical folk who protect the world from great dangers.