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New York By Night

Important Notice

Some of the content of this campaign is not suitable for minors and may be considered NSFW. By participating in this campaign, you attest that you are at least 18 years of age.

Welcome to New York City.

Marvel at the iconic architecture familiarized in film and literary works. Here one can immerse themselves in oppidan savoir-faire and lose themselves within an urban jungle…

It isn’t called “The City that Never Sleeps” for nothing, after all.

Within the five boroughs where the Hudson River churns toward the Atlantic Ocean an individual can find the epicenter of influence on matters of finance, culture, and commercialism.

Explore the city, and visit Times Square with the dazzling neon-luminosity of Broadway… Fifth Avenue’s Famed Shopping Districts... Madison Avenue with its advertisements subliminally influencing the collective consciousness of those that look upon them.

Artists and musicians have created a Bohemian subculture within Greenwich Village. The personification of African-American tradition thrives on the streets and in the tenements of Harlem where jazz music rises in a keening lament reminding those who struggle to fuel the American Dream. In the slums despite derelict poverty hope and purpose are not yet extinguished despite violent and harsh living conditions.

The well-known sculptures and exhibitions of Central Park have rendered it a National Monument filled with greenery, wildlife, and wonder. It is one of the most filmed locations in the world and camera crews and those that make movie-magic happen are often present with their latest work in progress. Here, struggling actors and actresses' aspire to fame and fortune only to find themselves an extra on a Hollywood set.

The famed Empire State Building still looms in all its grandeur providing a 360° view of the city. The high powered binoculars of the famed observatory provide stunning views and an oft-used movie-set location. The personal moments and tragedies experienced therein linger with a timeless, haunting yet magical resonance...

Those who seek world affluence gather in order to assure the disproportionate predominance of Wall Street and the political machinations found within the bowels of Tammany Hall suit their needs and purposes even when they find themselves in conflict with the symbolism of hope, freedom, and prosperity edified by Lady Liberty Herself, who stands tall in New York Harbor.

Visitors join the teeming mass of humanity that crowd and swell the gluttonous city representing every walk of life and creating a dichotomy of social strata in metropolitan diversification. Truly, one can live lifetimes without unraveling all of the mysteries the 'The Big Apple' has to offer… and surely, a few of the ‘wretched refuse’ and ‘tempest tost’ have attempted this impossible feat.

But beneath the allure and grandeur … far beyond the mortal coils… other factions rise and fall in a roiling spiral of encroaching darkness and a struggle for ascendancy and the right to rule. Evil lurks in unseen shadows… and obscure heroes rise to face their destiny…