Privacy Policy

In order to run the website, RPGpad collects a limited amount of information about users for technical purposes, as is strictly necessary to operate the website and the services it provides. This information is also used for technical support purposes, such as balancing server load, minimizing response times and the likes.

Additionally, we will also retain and evaluate information on your recent visits to the website and how you move around different sections of rpgpad for analytics purposes to understand how people use our website so that we can make it more intuitive, trace technical or usability issues and discover missing features.

None of the information we gather will be shared with third parties, except as required by law, and RPGpad has never recieved such legal requests.

Personal Data

RPGpad does not collect personal data except as necessary for its services. The following information is collected, and used as indicated:

Login & Password: Your account login and a hash of your password are saved to allow us to identify you and give you access to your campaign, messages and so on.

Email: If you have configured an e-mail address for your account, this will be used if you request a password reset message, or notifications you activated. You can remove your email address at any time by editing your profile, though we will not be able to reset your password if you remove it from the record.

Additionally, other users may enter your email address to invite you to their campaign. If your email is entered in this manner, we use and store it only for that specific invite.

IP address: For technical security reasons - such as to prevent hacking or DDOS attacks - your IP may be logged when connecting to the site.


RPGpad uses cookies to store your session. Cookies on our site are used exclusively for technical purposes to make the site work. We do not use tracking cookies of any kind, do not use third party cookies and do not use cookies to track your data, other then as strictly necessary for the services the website provides.