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Changelog 2019-08-02

This week we have gathered player feedback on the Pathfinder system sheet, and we have added several convenience features to schema editing.

In this week's blogpost we are Presenting Pathfinder!


  • Schemas are now ordered by their singular title, in both the schema overview and any other place lists of schemas are shown. This prevents them suddenly changing order, and helps players find the schema they are looking for.
  • Added a short infobox at the top of the namespace schema index that links to the schema itself with a short description. This helps players to understand what kind of things they can expect to find in the index.
  • Based on player feedback we have changed the way the namespace schema index's filter interface is laid out: the grouping dropdown is always shown which helps with getting a quick overview of the index, and the filters are shown via the "Filters" button.
  • When creating a new schema, the form now automaticaly adds a plural title when you enter the singular title. This helps by doing the work for you. Unfortunately, English is a language with some strange quirks, so we might get it wrong every once in a while. If we do, please let us know.
  • We have added a set of themed archetype icons for use in new schemas. These can help you quickly add some of the most commonly added concepts. The system tries to automatically pick an archetype icon when you have entered the singular title, but only does so for a few commonly-used names.


  • Add an attribution page where we give proper attribution for the artwork and icons that other people have made, and that we are using with their permissions.


  • Added alignment, range increment to attacks, race, and size to character sheet.
  • The characters's race is used to set the base speed and add racial ability bonusses / penalties automatically.
    • Default race is set to empty. This allows your character not to be of any race, and not get any automatic racial modifiers.
  • With the new Size field on the character sheet, size bonusses to AC, CMB, CMD and the Stealth skill are automatically applied.
    • Default size is set to Medium.
  • Fixed some small mistakes in the base pathfinder system:
    • Appraise is no longer trained only,
    • added Morale Bonus to bonus types.
  • Added basic styling to Pathfinder game system configuration. There is still some work to be done here, but we felt it more importent to make sure that the character sheet has all basic functionality.
  • Character loads are now calculated automatically and encumbrance status now calculated automatically based on current load. They can no longer be entered manually.
    • Automatically adds a speed modifier from Encumbrance when the character is carrying too much, which takes into account the Race's encumbrance handling (to allow for Dwarves and other stout races).
  • Added entries for Touch and Flat-Footed AC.
    • Touch AC and Flat Footed AC automatically get appropriate bonusses from the AC field.
    • All AC penalties and all AC Circumstance, Deflection, Dodge, Insight, Luck, Morale, Profane and Sacred bonusses are now applied to CMD automatically.
    • Dodge bonusses no longer apply to Flat Footed AC (Uncanny Dodge means you're not Flat Footed which doesn't affect your Flat Footed AC).
    • Conditional modifiers are transfered from AC to Touch AC and Flat Footed AC.
  • Standard Ability Modifiers for combat abilities and skills are now automatically included.
  • Experience is now tracked and the character sheet calculates what level you are and how much xp you need for your next level up
  • Bonus types can now be selected from almost all of the default Pathfinder values:
    • Added [Unnamed] bonus type.
    • Significantly extended types of bonusses allowed on various abilities, where previously most fields limited the bonus types by what the core rulebook allows.
  • Skills & specializations are now plain text, which is the way all players used them. This allows us to better incorporate the skills into automatic calculations.
    • Additionally, skills are no longer matched in a case sensitive manner.
  • Skills now get their ability modifier, regardless of specialization.
  • Added sort skills button for easier use. This allows players to add a new skill at the bottom, and quickly sort their skill list again.
  • To support some of the above improvements, the pathfinder system configuration has been updated:
    • Pathfinder system now has an experience track setting.
    • Race entries were added to Pathfinder system configuration, each with their own with base speed, size, racial ability modifiers, as well as encumbrance handling and quadruped toggle.
    • New bonus types can be added to configuration, allowing for supplements and house rules that introduce new bonus types.
    • Skills now have specialization listing instead of generic listing; Craft, Perform and Profession have default specializations.


  • Fixed bug that prevented players from viewing character sheets edited by someone that was not the current player of that character.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some automatic bonusses on Pathfinder characters sheets to not be cleaned up before adding new automatic bonusses, which caused a run-away explosion of automatic bonusses (and the associated absurdly high scores).
  • Fixed a bug that made automatic bonusses show up incorrectly in the character sheet editor. They are now displayed correctly in editor.
  • Fixed a pathfinder calculation bug that incorrectly determined the max load value for strength scores ≥ 15. This has been fixed, and the calculation now gives you the correct higher values.
  • Fixed a pathfinder bug where the size bonus on Stealth was displayed even if the character did not get a size bonus to Stealth.
  • Fixed a pathfinder bug where automatic bonus entries on Hit Points with no bonus source text are no longer displaying two empty brackets.