Presenting Pathfinder

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After a bit of a false start, our support for the Pathfinder system has fully taken off. In a previous blogpost we presented the first incarnation of the sheet, and it has since seen a lot of additions, most importantly in the form of sheet automation.

The major goal of sheet automation is to reduce the amount of work you have to do to keep your sheet up to date. For example, your pathfinder sheet now calculates your maximum load (and the various derived values) and encumbrance based on your carried load. It also adds ability scores to your various skills and combat stats automatically, keeping them up to date in case you acquire that coveted +6 Belt of Giant Strength and automatically transfers bonusses to AC to your Touch AC, Flat-Footed AC and CMD (if they are of the right bonus type).

To accomplish this goal, the sheet needs to know some of the games rules so it can apply them correctly, but it is important to still support whatever houserules you created — if the DM gave you an extra feat, or allowed you to have some special power to deviate from the normal game rules, the sheet shouldn’t prevent you from doing that.

Some of this has been implemented in the sheet directly. For example, your Touch AC is calculated by removing any Armor, Natural Armor and Shield bonuses from your Armor Class (as per the Core Rulebook), but you can still add manual modifiers or conditional modifiers if you have an ability that applies to your Touch AC but not your Armor class, or if your particular Armor bonus does apply to Touch AC. Likewise, if you are a Halfling, but you are of Tiny, rather than Small size, you can enter this on the sheet and the size bonusses are correctly applied to your various modifiers.

Other possible exceptions or houserules can be configured in the campaign settings. For example, you can add your homebrew skills and list what ability modifier applies, and you can add your own races and set their racial modifiers (maybe your elves get a Charisma instead of an Intelligence bonus, or you have made your own custom race). You can even set whether or not they are quadrupedal or bipedal — this affects their carrying capacity, and whether they are affected by encumbrance or not (like Dwarves).

Unfortunately, we cannot offer support for every possible houserule — your imagination is limitless after all. But we will continue to keep customization and freedom in mind as we expand on the Pathfinder sheet and as we add other systems in the future!

Do you have a favourite houserule or did you create an awesome new race or feat for Pathfinder? Let us know in the forums, and don’t forget to check out the changelog!