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This weeks blog is a little later than usual as we finished up some important improvements to the World of Darkness system. The exact changes are described in this weeks Changelog, but I wanted to take a moment to look into the why of certain changes.

We recently split off World of Darkness into old and new, but even with this distinction, the ‘Old’ World of Darkness comes in a lot of different flavors. Not only are there many different games including Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, Wraith, Hunter, Demon and many others, all reasonably compatible with one another, but each of these different types also came in multiple editions over the years.

While mostly compatible, each of these games has a different set of attributes, and they furthermore differ between editions. Last week, we added various options to better support this, and this week we have extended that flexibility to the Abilities on the sheet. You can now add custom abilities to your sheet (for any unusual ones your character may know), and moreover, you can also configure the default abilities for each creature type.

This is not just a vanity project to give you a bit more control however. By allowing the abilities to vary by creature type, you can more easily adopt different editions of World of Darkness games together. For example, this allows you to combine 20th anniversary edition Vampires with Revised Hunters - especially helpful since the latter was never released as a 20th anniversary edition.

The current set of options should support most games, even if combined, and we’ll be expanding on the option set some more in the near future based on observations of live games. If you want to start your own game, be sure to reach out in the Forum, I’m sure we’ll be able to help you out!