Tag Special Abilities

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In last week’s changelog, I stated that we were working on an exciting new way to customize your campaign. Today I want to give an example, and explain why I am excited about this — even though the example is a tad underwhelming.

Every campaign has some requirements for new characters. I’m not talking about the slew of rules-related requirements dictated by the game system you use. I’m talking about the few special requirements you have specifically for your campaign. It would be nice if players were notified of those requirements when they go and make a new character…

Enter tag special abilities With tag special abilities, you can tell RPGpad that some pages and threads are special and contain character creation information:

Illustration of steps involved in Character Creation Information special ability

In this example, the tag “Character Creation” is given the “Character Creation Information” special ability. The wikipage “Character Requirements” is then tagged with this tag, telling RPGpad that this page is relevant for character creation.

Finally, the characters overview shows links to all wikipages and threads tagged with tags that have the “Character Creation Information” special ability. Note that the tag name has nothing to do with the special ability, it might just as well be called “Flurblenorn”, and it would still work.

Tag abilities as building blocks Even though this example is relatively simple, it still shows a significant customization option. Instead of having RPGpad dictate to you on what page you should write about character creation, you have the freedom to determine this yourself by adding specific abilities to tags you create; and then using those tags to mark wikipages and threads as relevant to you.

For example, if you already have a few pages tagged with “Apprentice Level” and you decide that Apprentice Level things are relevant to character creation, you simply add the “character creation information” tag ability to the “Apprentice Level” tag.

In the near future we will be adding a few more tag abilities so that instead of RPGpad dictating how you should organize your campaign, these new tag abilities offer you building blocks that you can use to organize your campaign in your own way!

As always, you can view this week’s changelog to get an overview of what has changed.