Tag overview done!

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We’ve been talking about tags for a while now, and by the skin of our teeth, we’ve managed to finish them this week, thanks to some exceptional work from Brend. If the changelog isn’t up yet, it will be shortly!

Tags can now be used in both the forum and on the wiki to help organize your pages and make navigation easier. Each tag now lists all pages with that particular tag, as well as quoting any setting or rule pages of the same name, allowing you to keep IC and OOC information regarding tags separate and organized.

On a personal note, I am exceptionally happy with the listing of all pages with the tag, as this was something I needed on multiple occasions already. We will be adding more features to tags in the future, and we’d very much welcome any feedback you have on them - and other parts of the site.

Next week may be quiet in terms of updates due to some other obligations, but keep an eye out as we have some big updates in the queue!