Recent Activity & Character Sheets

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Besides finishing the transfer of the FWURG forum roleplay campaign, and the Ilfreann campaign, we have been hard at work to improve RPGpad based on your feedback, so this week brings three major improvements!

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity pages have been overhauled and improved. You can now quickly navigate between the different streams of recent activity. This allows you to have a look at a thread’s activity before quickly jumping up to the whole forum to see if you missed something.

Additionally, there are now RSS feeds available for all recent activity screens. For those of you that don’t know what this means: you can use these RSS feeds to receive updates about your campaign on your telephone or tablet!

Character Sheets

On your character sheet, you can now link directly to a wiki page. The “wikipage” field when creating or editing a character sheet can now be used to link to a setting page directly, making it much easier to find the Setting information for your character.

Character sheets now also have a change summary field where you can make a quick note with your edit. For example when you level up your D&D character, or when you buy an additional dot in Vampire. Just like with wiki pages, the change summary is shown in all recent activity and the versions list.

Empty Images

Yes, “empty images” are a thing: any forum, character, or wikipage without an image still needs something to show. We had a bug where none of the things without an image were showing anything at all. We have now added a very boring empty image to make sure we have something to show — though your campaign will look much better if you add an image yourself, as the empty image is deliberately rather boring!

The exact details for all of these changes can be found in this week’s changelog, where we welcome any comments, suggestions or ideas you have!