Player Profiles

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It has already become a cliché that the internet connects people from all walks of life, all over the world. We hope to, eventually, leverage this to help game masters find new players, help players find games to participate in and help people think up and new games entirely.

As the number of players on RPGpad grows, it may be useful to have some way of figuring out who is who, and to see whether or not they’d make a good match for a particular game. To help facilitate this, we have added player profiles. In most places where a player name is displayed, you can click it to view that players information.

These player profiles contain information about what campaigns you are part of and what role you take on — are you a player, a game master, the owner of the campaign, and so on. Additionally, we display your active characters which someone might recognize. Finally, you can easily contact the player from their profile if they seem like a good fit!

Besides information from RPGpad, you are able to add your own info, listing whatever you want to share on your profile and we have kept it as simple as possible to do just that. Some things you might include are what type of setting you love, what game systems you are comfortable with, or whether you are looking to try something new, though you are in control and can say as much or as little as feels right to you!

An upcoming additional feature will be campaign profiles, where the information for a player within a campaign is displayed, such as the recent posts they made and the pages they wrote, though that will not be finished until next week. For now, why not have a look at this week’s changelog, and as always, please let us know what you think!