Fixing Things 2

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(This is the second post of a series of “fixing things” posts that give some insight into the kinds of bugs and issues we encounter, and how we investigate and solve them. Previous in this series: Fixing Things 1)

We’ve been hard at work fixing bugs and adding some quality of life changes this week!

In terms of new features, we added the ability to change the URL of your campaign. Up until now, while you could change the name of your campaign, the URL remained the same, which meant if you made a spelling error when originally creating the campaign you’d be stuck with it. That is no longer the case, though keep in mind that changing the campaign URL will mean you have to update bookmarks and links.

We also upgraded password changes to now require you to enter your password twice. This fix is in addition to the password reset requests we made available via email last week and should ensure users never lose their account again!

And by popular demand, we added a reply function to messages, so you don’t have to create a new message to reply to someone. Keep an eye on messages in the future though, as more changes are coming there.

Besides features, we also fixed some bugs. In the interface, we removed some buttons that were showing up in places they shouldn’t — no longer can you accidentally leave a campaign when you open it, or revoke an invitation that was already accepted. Finally, for our Firefox users, we fixed the forum so when you post, the post you just made doesn’t remain in the reply box after the page reloads.

All in all, we’ve got a nice list of changes for you, and you can read more details in the changelog.