Chat? Chat!

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Today we are happy to say we have deployed the first version of the chat. The chat has been stewing and brewing for a while now, as can be seen from the series of blog posts on it: Towards New Communications Methods, The Not Yet Chat, Progress Chat, Rooms and Presence Internals, so we are glad to have finally sorted out these complexities and are able to bring you the first beta release.

What we deployed today is the “foundation” version of the chat. It has the basic features you would expect from a normal chat, and the technical support for all roleplay-related features we want to enable. Other features like support for masks and dice rolls are just around the corner, with much of the ground work already laid. For example, the current chat system already tracks which players are online, and as whom they are joined in the different rooms, ready to be upgraded with masks. Though currently you always join each room as… well… you.

In the coming weeks we will be working on enabling masks and dice rolling, as well as usability improvements from player feedback!

Besides the chat, we have also worked on some other features, allowing you to require that all character sheets get Game Master approval, and we have made some minor upgrades to the Pathfinder system.

As always, this week’s changelog is available for your perusal.