Towards New Communications Methods

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In the past few weeks we have been working on new communication methods in the backend. In this post we want to give you an idea of how things are right now, and what limitations our current communcations method has.

In the first sentence of this post we use the term “backend”, which is tech-speak for the part of the RPGpad platform that you as a player never really notice directly. To view a page on RPGpad, your browsers on your computer connects to the RPGpad servers. The servers then send back the page, which your browsers runs for you. So the RPGpad platform is actually split into two “places” where things can happen: on your browser and on our servers:

The frontend and the backend

The “frontend” is the web browser where you, the players and storytellers, view RPGpad. The “backend” is the part that your web browsers connects to. It is the part of RPGpad that is running on our servers and it does the storing, loading, and inspecting of your campaign pages and data.

Your web browser communicates with the RPGpad servers in the https or Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol — a protocol is a way to define what you can talk about, and how you should respond — which is a good protocol for requesting web pages and images. Unfortunately, https has one crucial weakness: it is meant for your browser to ask for things, not for our servers to tell you things. Which limits what we can do with RPGpad…

So, we need an additional method of communications with the RPGpad servers!

As alway we have prepared this week’s changelog.