Bugs and Styling

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This week, we have fixed a pair of bugs and have been hard at work on the styling issues we discussed previously.

Before I show a quick preview of the current styling direction, I want to talk to you about bugs—or more specifically—about telling us about bugs… Because it turns out that table cells with two spaces in them were not recognized as table cells. Not one space, nor three spaces, but exactly two.

Apparently that bug was there for a long while.

On monday this week I was told of this long-standing bug while chatting with a friend. The situation is this: we are working on a custom prestige class, and when updating the table they inform me of a workaround for this table issue they noticed. I went “What issue?”, and they give me a rundown of how tables do not work if you have an empty cell with exactly two spaces in it…

I fixed that bug.

The moral of this story: if you find a bug, please report it! If we do not know about the bug, we cannot fix it. Reporting a bug is as simple as creating a new thread!

And now, for a quick preview of the styling. Below you’ll see a before and after screenshot of the search fields of a very extensive people index:

Namespace index filtering before styling
Namespace index filtering after styling

The most important thing, which we cannot really show to you in a screenshot, is that the “after” version looks this way on all browers and devices. While we might not be entirely happy with how it looks, we are very happy that it at least looks the same everywhere. Next week we’ll be working on a look that we are happy with. (For the techies out there: yes, the currently look is inspired by Bootstrap.)

As always, we invite you to discuss this update! To see the nitty-gritty details on the bugfixes, see the changelog of this week!