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Padawan Lunari

Lun'Ariah Vasx'hild / Shadow
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Highmonian Padawan

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Extra Fields

Current Age:: 110
Height:: 5ft 8in
Weight:: 100lbs

Basic Description

Despite having a name who should shine like the light, Lunari is a woman more comfortable in the shadows. Her pale almost grey skin and rich golden eyes make her stand out against the typical highmonian female. She typically dresses in a close fitting bodysuit of black and greys, with a few splashes of purple interwoven to break up her outline and her temple issued robes, dyed a darker set of colors. When her hood is down, she has platinum silver-blonde hair shaved on the sides and a leather bound ponytail. Her body type when encountered outside of the Jedi robes, is lean, athletic and deceptively muscular with a slender serpentine tail that ends in a gentle spaded tip, though this view is scarcely seen outside of intense training or sleep.

History with the order

Lunari was a child brought into the jedi order from a relatively young age for her species. She is seldom seen in the temple grounds without her hood up, quietly training herself through various tasks.


Her mannerisms are akin to those of a shy "new kid" despite the long attendance in the temple. She is soft spoken when she does speak, though painfully blunt when doing so.

Saber Description

Lunari's saber hilt is a curved grip, crafted in greys and black materials and emits a dark purple blade which generates minimal light around it, usually carried at her left side.