Your Copyrights

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When you create a world for your game, the last thing you want to think about is copyright. You’re building a setting, filling it with amazing NPC’s, secretive organizations and mystical locations — not an intellectual property you want to sell.

Moreover, though you are the creator, you aren’t making the world alone — each player contributes not just their character and backstory, but also helps shape the world as they exploring new aspects and link established history to their character. In some cases, players may literaly design entire countries, noble families and ecosystems, immersing themselves fully into the world you created!

Both of us at RPGpad belief that your creations belong to you. So, we want to build and offer our platform in a way that respects your work. We also want you to be able to share what you have created with others should you choose to do so, or to keep it for yourself if this is your preference, without having to worry about detailed legal agreements in either case.

Though the details haven’t been finalized yet, before the end of beta we will be adding an option to your campaign settings to help you configure. You will be able to select, in a way that is easy to understand, whether you want to give your creation to the world or keep it for yourself, or something in between.

To fill in those details, we are very much interested in your perspective: Do you have concerns about copyright? Are you a strong supporter of the public domain? Or do you simply not want anyone running off with your creative designs? All views are welcome, and we invite you to share them with us on the forums!