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Last week we hinted at some upcoming future developments - due to holidays, we’re not going to say more about that just yet, which is also why there is no real changelog this week. Instead I want to come back to the post I made the week before. In that blog, we discussed additional system configuration options in the World of Darkness systems to allow for different types of dicerolls. Those options are necessary to support all the different editions and variations of this popular roleplay system.

However, it also creates somewhat of an inconvenience: it requires the storyteller to manually configure those details. And come to think of it, we already require a lot of input from a storyteller who isn’t playing original edition vampire, requiring them to edit the abilities and attributes and such to match their edition.

In order to help with this, we will be adding a new convenience feature to the Vampire system settings: preloads. A preload is a preset configuration based on the various published world of darkness editions and variations. You select your edition and variation, and the matching configuration is loaded automatically. For many players this will mean they only need to select their edition and everything will work, while players who make their own rules or who added certain house rules will be able to do so based on the edition they use as their basis, saving time and effort. It is our hope that this will make the system more convenient in use.

In future, we also plan to add this option directly at campaign creation, so your campaign is created with the correct default configuration, though that will have to wait for a future update as it requires some more extensive changes.

This isn’t the only quality of life enhancement coming for the World of Darkness based systems either, and some options were already hinted at some months ago - we’ll be announcing those once they are finished. Do you have any features you would like to see in our vampire system? Let us know in the forums!