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We’ve been hinting at them in previous blogposts, and they aren’t completely done yet, but this week, we are releasing weapon support for Pathfinder campaigns!

Like armours, you can now configure weapons in your character sheet, where many values, including those resulting from enchantments and special materials, are pre-calculated on your behalf. The system covers endless variations and combinations, and allows you to enter weapons manually as well, in case you ever find something patently absurd!

Weapons, as well as enchantments, enhancement pricings and special materials can be configured in the Game System configuration, though the defaults from the Core Rulebook are fully loaded upon campaign creation (and we’ve added them to existing campaigns for your convenience). If you are using other books, you may have to add some content manually, but it should be reasonably self-explanatory. Just in case, we added elaborations to some of the fields.

View of a +1 Darkwood Quarterstaff on the Character Sheet
+1 Darkwood Quarterstaff on the Character Sheet

Coming soon to a weapon near you

To save space, double weapons are treated as if both ends have the same enhancements, both magical and by special material. We have some UI improvements in mind, and options for different enchantments on either end of your Gnome Hooked Hammer will be supported some time after we’ve made that upgrade.

First though, we’ll be starting on some additional features: enchanted ammo will be implemented in the near future, as well as an option to automatically calculate an attack sequence for a weapon. You should be seeing progress on that real soon!


One thing we were sadly unable to do is automatically convert all your weapons for you. This means that you may need to edit your character sheet. Simply go to your sheet, press edit and scroll to the equipment section, then open the details for each weapon:

  1. Set the Item Type to Weapon
  2. Set the Base Weapon
  3. Set the weapon enhancement bonus or masterwork status
  4. Set any Special Materials or additional Enchantments (such as Flaming or Icy Burst)
  5. Set any special values such as Mighty status for composite longbows or size category if your weapon is bigger than you

The sheet will automatically fill out how much damage your weapon deals, what type it is, the crit range, its value, etc. It should take into account for you such things as Keen, Merciful or Flaming Burst enchantments if you fill them out. Once you’ve done all your weapons, simply save the sheet and you’re done!

If you have an especially unusual magic weapon, you can always toggle the Override Defaults option, which allows you to fill out every detail by hand.

Editing a +1 Darkwood Quarterstaff on the Character Sheet
Edit Example


The new weapon system, with the exceptions listed above, should cover every conceivable weapon that can be constructed within the Core Rulebook ruleset, and is easily expandable to cover other source books or homebrew weapons, enchantments and so on.

If there are any that you use in your campaign but which you are not able to set up, don’t hesitate to let us know in the Community Forum, we’d love to hear from you. While there, why not check out this week’s changelog for the latest updates?