Wanted Pages

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Last week I wrote a long-ish blog about organizing your campaign wiki, and how we are going to help you out with that with the new wanted pages feature.

The now completed wanted pages list allows you to quickly see which pages are missing, and what links need fixing—and it offers an easy way to fix misspelled links so you don’t have to.

You can get to the list of wanted pages via the wiki index. Following the link in the wiki index brings you to the list of wanted pages:

Screenshot of wanted pages

The screenshot shows off the wanted pages of the Setting namespace of the FWURG campaign, which was an almost perfect fit to show off the wanted pages features:

Ordered by impact: The list is ordered by the amount of links you can fix by creating the wanted page. So if someone were to create the “Bozzy Spine” page, that would fix 3 red links, which brings the campaign wiki much closer to being complete.

Misspelled links: Looking at the wanted page “Jedi Orer” you can see a very useful tool we added to the wanted pages list: the ability to quickly fix links that are not spelled correctly.

The system will automatically detect that “Jedi Orer” might actually be a misspelling—in this case “Jedi Orer” seems a misspelling of “Jedi Order”—and offer you an easy way to fix all misspelled links with a single button!

More context: You might have also noticed that each entry shows where wanted pages are linked from, as well as whether they are used as a special field. This additional information can help you get a better idea of how the page is used throughout your campaign. For example, you can see that the “Military Caste” page is missing, and is used as an affiliation by Padawan Kial Valian.

As always the changelog is available for you to, though this blog does a good job of highlighting all relevant changes!