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This week we are proud to present the first glimpse at our new and improved Pathfinder character sheet, switching from a 3 column to a 4 column design, and it is part of our goal to polish the site’s existing features.

Four Column Pathfinder Sheet

The new 4 column layout is more compact in terms of information density, allowing more of your characters stats to fit on one screen, but it has another important advantage — the new layout can switch to a 2 column layout for narrow screens, allowing you to more easily access your sheet on mobile devices amongst other things.

In addition, the sheet comes with some upgrades, as you can now store your character’s Spell Resistance and the Arcane Spell Failure, and Maximum Dexterity Bonus from your armour, all of which are calculated in the sheet automatically, taking such things as Encumbrance into account as well. You will also notice that there are now fields to list your character’s fly, climb, burrow and swim speeds, and the bonuses of having such speeds is automatically added to your skills.

Finally there is a bit of a preview of a feature we haven’t finished yet: conditional modifiers now have a toggle when viewing your character sheet. Right now, those toggles don’t actually do anything yet, but I don’t think I have to explain what often requested feature these are for!

Coming Soon!

The exact list of changes can be found in this week’s Changelog, and you can expect to see more in the coming weeks! In the meanwhile, we’d love to hear your feedback about the new character sheet in the Forums