Upcoming Updates

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This week has not brought any major new features, but we have been working on several important updates:

First off, we are working on getting character posting up and running. With this, you will be able to make forum posts as a character you play, using their name and avatar to increase immersion and make a clearer distinction between IC and OOC. Eventually we want to enable storytellers to post as NPCs as well, without having to make a character sheet for each NPC, but for the moment we will limit ourselves to player characters.

Secondly, we are changing the way tags are processed, to allow easier indexes as well as providing some better navigation of the wiki when trying to learn more about a subject or group. This requires some revisions in the data model, but we have taken care that all existing campaigns will be converted seamlessly.

Finally, we are resolving several issues with forms pointed out by our users - especially options that were confusing or felt mandatory despite being optional. Your feedback so far has been extremely helpful, so please keep it coming! We always want to hear how we can make your experience better!