Tagging? Tagging!

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It seems that people like tagging wikipages, and as a data scientist I approve! We have seen brilliantly short pages that convery a lot of information, even though they consist of a single sentence, a short description and several tags.

Analysis shows tags offer a lot of meaning to people. I do not have a complete list of all the reasons people tag things—feel free to let us know—but we do have some observations:

  • Part of the reason tags are well-used is because they connect seemingly separate topics into groups of things. For example, everyone can quickly spot the “Jedi” tag on a page, and immediately know that the page relates to the Jedi somehow.

  • Another reason is because they make it easier to add “common information” to a page. A good example of this is adding the “Deceased” tag to an NPCs page. This clearly communicates that the NPC is dead, without having to read the whole page.

  • And finally, it helps with clarifying what kind of thing is described on a page. For example, when you create a Location page, and immediately tag it with “City” to indicate the kind of location you are writing about.

Given that tags are so useful, we are working on making it possible to tag other things as well, such as forum threads and characters, and we are working on a way to quickly find all the things tagged with a specific tag.

Because we feel good tagging is very important we have no changelog for you this week, as we have put all our effort in improving the way you can use tags. We hope to be able to show more on this next week!

Of course, if you find a bug, experience issues, or simply have an great idea, please keep letting us know!