Small Sized Update

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Good things come in small packages, and since the early incarnations of the character sheet, we have supported characters of different size categories, mainly the Small sized Halflings and Gnomes. That has included bonuses to such things as stealth, armour class and attacks.

We’ve made several improvements for non-medium characters, including allowing differently sized armours and the addition of small sized basic equipment with reduced weight, as per the core rulebook. But the smallest, yet most impacting change for Small sized characters is an update to the way size is entered on the character sheet, and how it interacts with the race setting.

In the old system, you would set both your race and size independently. Thus, you make your character a Colossal Halfling or a Tiny Human. The reason we did not simply force a character size based on your race — after all, most characters would fit along those lines — was because players in our hosted campaigns already had non-standard sized characters that we wanted to support.

But while this choice allowed players to make such characters, this freedom came at a price: players in new campaigns ended up with accidental Medium sized Halflings, as their size was not automatically updated when they selected their race.

Upon seeing this situation, we realized the active model needed adjustment. So we added a simple toggle to answer a simple question: do you want to use your races normal size or do you want to set it manually?

Use Racial Default... or not?
Use Racial Default... or not?

By default, your character will follow the size of their chosen race. Halflings are Small, Humans are Medium, Ogres are Large. But if you want, you are able to override the default. That way your Colossal Halfling or Tiny Human is possible, with a little more effort.

This change, even if it is not very big, moves the burden to change size from characters who used the default size for their race to characters that deviated from the norm. This way, we can continue to support the latter, while offering maximum convenience to the largest group.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this change in the forum, as well as any idea’s you may have and thoughts on our other updates, which you can find in the Changelog. Even a small amount of feedback can help out a lot!