Slowed Development

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As some of you might have noticed, in the last month or two RPGpad development has been somewhat slow. The changelogs have not been as filled the last few times, and we have been elaborating on preloads and colour themes for at least 4 blog posts (not counting the end-of-year review and previews).

This is not because we do not want to spend time on developing RPGpad, but rather because we need to spend time on work that pays the bills. Our time away from RPGpad is filled with consulting work on complex software projects and system, which in turn helps us pay our bills and free up more time for RPGpad!

It’s an interesting balance to strike. The more consulting work we have, the more time we can set aside for RPGpad — but more consulting work also means more time we need to spend away from RPGpad, since we need to, well, consult.

The slowdown in RPGpad development we are currently experiencing, and which you are currently seeing filtered through the changelog and blog posts, is because our schedules are filled with work. Just not work on RPGpad.

Do not worry, we are not abandoning RPGpad. We are still very much committed to making RPGpad be a great way to support for your tabletop, forum, or chat campaign, and making sure that any feature will only ever be helpful and never get in the way between you and your game.

We’ll keep on working on it on the slow days. We’ll keep working in the ‘lost hours’. We’ll make sure to keep you informed, and will come out full-force whenever there are bugs that need fixing. And most likely, we’ll even get some work in during our off-time, just to make sure that we never reach a point where things stop moving.

As always, we have this week’s changelog. As you would expect, it is very empty.

As said above, we are not inactive and will address all bugs and issues that we receive, just let us know via the ‘Report a Bug’ button in the menu bar, or in the technical forums.

And of course, we very much like to hear what you think about the RPGpad and ways to improve it still, feel free to reach out via the community forums!