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As listed in this week’s Changelog, we’ve added a new link at the bottom of each page detailing our Privacy Policy and some Legal information. While we’ve referenced this information before, we did not include a proper listing so this was long overdue.

At RPGpad, we believe in real privacy. As a result, we differ from most other sites in that we do not track your personal information for advertising or to ‘inform you of opportunities that may interest you’, as it is often nicely packaged. Instead, we track only that information we need for technical purposes and for internal analytics.

But what does that mean, technical purposes? For example, for the website to remember who you are, a cookie is used to store your login. However, we do not develop a profile about your interests to sell to advertisers. In essence, your information is only stored if it is necessary to make the site work.

And what about internal analytics? We want to make sure you can use the site effectively. That means we have to know what works and what doesn’t — in many past blogposts, we’ve listed we’ll look at this before further changing our designs.

To do that though, we do not track this information by profiling your personal page views. Rather, we review how often a certain site feature is used, or the order in which a percentage of users browse through certain pages. Your name or IP doesn’t feature in that review. After all, we just want to know which features are not being utilized to their full potential, see what interface components trip people up and so on. We keep this information internal and do not share it with other parties.

Our hope is that the added link adds some clarity to our position on this. If you have any questions, be sure to let us know in the Community Forum!