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When we started RPGpad, most of the campaigns we hosted had a single active storyteller and a hand full of players - since then, we have expanded to also include several larger communities with multiple storytellers and dozens of players. And that’s a wonderful thing!

It does mean, however, that the Players and Characters pages were perhaps not perfectly suited for the new campaigns - something designed for maybe up to 8 players simply doesn’t have the features you need when dealing with 50.

Last week, we visited the player list, adding search and filter functions to allow you to easily find the storytellers for a campaign. While there, we also updated the way roles were assigned, moving this from the player list to the individual campaign profiles of each player.

This week, we’ve visited the character list, adding search and filter functions there, as well as some options for grouping. With these changes, it should be easier to find characters, in particular for larger campaigns. The new layout also takes up a bit less space, allowing for up to four characters on a single row - depending on the width of your screen of course.

We’ve also moved the character creation button from the more subtle top left corner to be displayed right at the top of the character listing, hopefully making it easier to find for new players.

In the coming weeks, we plan to continue to polish these pages, and we are hard at work writing some manual pages to help you manage your campaign as effectively as possible. All of this hooks into the Improved Campaign Creation step discussed in last week’s blogpost.

Of course, we would love to hear your ideas on campaign creation, and any suggestions you may have for that or other aspects of the site. Be sure to let us know in the community forum, and while you are there, why not check out this weeks changelog for more details on the changes mentioned above?