Messaging Improvement

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Last week, we introduced some minor changes to the message system, removing the account settings page from the message menu and splitting up the inbox and outbox. This week and next week, we will continue to work on improving messages to make them align better with more established systems.

As part of the overhaul, we will be adding some ways for you to have more control over the organization of your messages. This includes things like sorting and filtering the message overview (allowing you to filter messages by sender, title, date, etc.), and the addition of an archive for long term storage, as well as a trash can to allow deleted messages to be recovered.

But the most interesting feature we want to add is what we have dubbed the ‘campaign context’. The campaign context allows you to mark messages as being related to a specific campaign, making it easy to select all messages belonging to that campaign, for example. This also makes it much easier to link to pages in the setting or rules wikis or include other references to the campaign. Where possible, the related campaign will be selected automatically, though you will always be able to change it should you so choose.

Overall, our goal is to make the messaging system much more convenient to use and to integrate it as seamless as possible with your campaigns. To discuss this feature, or see a full changelog, please join us on the forum