Making a Difference

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This week sees the launch of a long awaited new feature as part of our polish and quality of life endeavor: you can now view changes to your character sheet, including changes made before this feature became active. This feature was already launched for the Vampire system last week, but has now been implemented for Pathfinder, Fwurg, D3 and the custom game systems as well, thus covering all supported game systems.

You were of course already able to view your old character sheet from, say, three weeks ago, but you’d have to compare it manually with your current sheet to see what changes were made. As with wikipages, the site can now highlight those changes for you. The image below illustrates what the changes look like now — old values are marked in red with green values showing the new values.

Vampire Differences

Some systems have a few additional features for ease of use — D3 uniquely has images as part of the character sheet itself (rather than just being images of the character), and you can view the old and new version by clicking on the overview. Likewise, Fwurg shows the increments to virtues in the virtue’s bar.

D3 Differences
Fwurg Differences

In future, we may add further enhancements to other parts of the display for the sake of clarity or to better illustrate the changes (we already have a few ideas!) but we want to see the impact of the current version first before delving more deeply into this.

This week’s changelog also shows a few minor bug fixes related to the feature, and we are of course continuing work on the chat which we announced in our prospective for 2020 last week and other quality of life updates. Are there any features you would like to see or that would improve your game? Be sure to let us know in the forums!