Looking back to 2018

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The end of the year is a good time to take a glance back to see what we’ve done and how things are progressing. We first opened in june of this year, though we didn’t really get properly started until mid-july when we finished transferring several campaigns.

Over the next few months we added character sheets, tags, and masks amongst other things, fixing many (many!) bugs and small issues, all the while developing RPGpad to match the needs of our players. One major obstacle we overcame were the forms, which weren’t displaying the same on different mobile devices due to the differences in browsers those use. This required a full overhaul of the forms, which was recently completed together with a new search function that has already received some very positive feedback.

None of this would have been possible without you guys using the site and letting us know what needed to be fixed, so let me reiterate our gratitude for all your help and feedback — it is crucial and very much appreciated.

The past week was Christmas so not a lot happened and we just list one entry in this week’s changelog, which was actually forgotten in the long list we had for you last week. Next week, we will be looking forward towards the new year, both in the literal and the planning sense and we may give some insight into our plans for the future in our blog.

For now, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable new years celebration and as we like to say around this time: see you next year!