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In an earlier blogpost we wrote about an added search feature, to help you quickly find what you are looking for. Speaking purely for ourselves, the feature already saw a lot of use and we imagine it is the same for you, but there was something missing…

Today we announce an extension of this search feature, allowing you to search not just by the name of a page or thread, but also the content of posts and pages. To use this feature, simply type your query in the same search bar and press enter!

This search feature is not very advanced as of yet, but it takes advantage of the same feature as before - small data. Though the content of every post and page is too large to allow it to be handled by the client (as with the search by name), the smaller size allows us to host the search queries ourselves, without relying on large third party search providers or complex caching tables. This setup also has the advantage that we can easily implement more advanced search algorithms at a later date.

For now though, we are quite happy with what we have and we’ll be keeping an eye out on how the new search feature is used to see if we can make additional improvements to the interface.

To discuss this feature, or see a full changelog, please join us on the forum