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The large new features are simmering quietly for the moment as we continue to explore their details, but we do have something small and useful to announce this week: announcements!

Announcements Example

Announcements are intended to quickly spread word to all players about important matters, such as in character and out of character events, sessions that have been moved, and so on. The goal is to make them instantly visible to all active players without becoming annoying.

Once read, you can mark the announcement as ‘seen’ and it will not be shown again, though if you want to review an active announcement later on, they remain listed on the campaigns front page where guests can also read them.

We envision several additional features for announcements, but before we expand on them too much, we want to see how they are used, and how well they function. Any feedback you might have about announcements would be most welcome!

Beyond announcements, we also added various minor improvements and bug fixes. Formatted texts now have better handling for variant tags, and the search bar has been improved with better keyboard handling, allowing you to select items in the search results with the up and down keys. Some bugs were fixed to more clearly mark ‘outdated’ character sheets if the details of the campaign rules were changed and require adjustment.

Finally, we fixed some styling issues with the two most important buttons in the platform: the ‘Join Campaign’ and ‘Leave Campaign’ buttons now have a proper icon, and the leave-button has been marked as ‘Danger Zone’ to help avoid anyone accidentally leaving a campaign by a slip of the mouse.

Join & Leave Campaign Buttons
Join Campaign Button / Leave Campaign Button

For a complete list of changes, see our Changelog, and as always, we would love to hear any feedback you may have!