Good news, everyone!

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Good news for those who are roleplying in the forums! Threads will now remembers what character you were playing. Moreover, you can now use custom masks - especially useful for storytellers roleplaying an NPC, or for characters who are disguised.

Speaking of forums, we made some minor visual improvements to the forum, better separating posts and hiding various options for a better visual feel. Editing a thread now also allows you to edit the first post – this just made more sense as it was what people often wanted when clicking the button.

We’ve also resolved several issues reported by users, including adding an automatic link on player character’s setting page to their character sheet and providing clearer error messages if the internet connection is interrupted or if an image you are trying to upload is too large.

Finally, we felt last weeks necessary CTRL+F5 update was somewhat undesirable, so we have updated the platform so such forced refreshes are no longer necessary. You might need one more to get that update, though.

In either case, we’ve made some excellent progress this week which you can check in our changelog, and we hope to be bringing you lots more in the near future!