Future Improvements for Vampire

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Happy New Year everyone! This week, we finish the upgrades to the Vampire Dice Roller which also means that all dice rollers are now finished in terms of functionality. Doubtless there will be many future enhancements, and we have already scheduled some upgrades to the visual display and interfacing, but I’m happy to say that we managed to finally finish this feature with the years first blog.

We will soon be sharing our plans for 2020, but this week we’re looking slightly more narrowly at the features we’ve planned to further improve our Vampire support.

The first and from a player perspective probably most notable change is that we want to refactor the vampire system slightly to support the full range of World of Darkness monsters, including such creatures as Mages and Werewolves. This requires moving some data from the game settings to the character sheet and adding a few houserule options to enable extra fields, but overall the changes are not that major.

This week we also added the option to preload certain rule sets, and we have some plans to improve on this, so you can set whether you want an Old World of Darkness or a New World of Darkness campaign right from the moment of campaign creation. This might also allow you to easily find a campaign with your preferred system.

As mentioned in a previous blogpost, we are also working on adding a comparison to your character sheet so you can see how it evolved over time - and what changes you made to it.

Finally, we will be revisiting the way certain data is stored on the sheet right now. Virtues for example are hard-coded in the game rules, but certain variations of the rules allow players to have different virtues, such as Conviction instead of Conscience or Instinct instead of Self-Control. On the other end, Disciplines, Health and Languages are completely free form and might benefit from some more structure. Of course, we will only change this if we can do it in a way that works for all systems.

What rule set do you use in your campaigns, and are there any you would like to see? Please let us know in the forum, and while you are there, why not check out the changelog?