Forum Improvements

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As promised in the outlook for 2019, we’ve been working on completing the Forum by adding the few features which were still missing. Though none of these features are crucial, they have proven to be very useful in many other forums and we feel that lacking them would leave the forum incomplete.

Last week, we added sticky threads and topic locking, allowing moderators to make sure certain threads are sorted at the top for extra visibility, or to lock topics which are no longer open for debate. Our work on the forum continues however, as we are changing the way forums themselves are organized.

Right now, forums are ordered alphabetically by name. Additionally, forums can be assigned to different groups, and those groups are then ordered in the same manner. This is quick and convenient, but allows very little control by the user. We’ve even heard suggestions of adding a number in front of the forum name to get the ordering you want — obviously you shouldn’t be forced to use such tricks to get the forums in the order you like.

We are adding a new organization option for forums that allows moderators to group and order the forums in an intuitive manner, simply dragging and dropping the forums into the desired groups and ordering them within. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to complete that this week so it should appear in the changelog next week, along with some exciting new changes regarding the page header and menu.

With so many things under construction, this week’s changelog is a little shorter, but be sure to keep an eye out — more is coming next week!