Five terrible campaign idea's. The fourth will surprise your players!

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Last week we missed our blogpost for the first time in a while due to the packed schedule we’ve had, though we haven’t forgotten about them yet and more substantial posts will be coming in the following weeks. We just have to select priorities and unfortunately last week the blog didn’t make the cut.

This week though, I wanted to share with you five terrible ideas for short campaigns which are hopefully so horrible they can serve as a fun diversion for a few sessions.

1) Ettin Adventures

Pair up the PCs. Each pair is a single Ettin, with each player controlling one head, facing off against hordes of orcs, ogres and other giants. Each combat round, have both players write down their actions and reveal them at the same time, the watch the chaos unfold as you try to resolve both actions. Requires an even number of players.

2) Mad Science Inc.

The PCs are a team of janitorial staff in a busy laboratory renowned for the ‘scientists’ that work there. The PCs deal with escaped science experiments in the vents, chemical spills of transmogrification fluids and the occasional outbreak of zombie apocalypses, all the while dealing with the unreasonable demands of ‘corporate’.

3) Battle Royal

Set in London in the Regency era, each PC is an attractive young debutante recently introduced in high society. When a handsome and superbly wealthy Prussian prince arrives in the city seeking a bride, it is clear there is only one way to decide which of the young ladies is worthy of his love: A battle royale, last bride left standing.

4) Isekai D&D

Do not tell the players what kind of story you plan to run. Instead, upon arrival at the session, have them empty their pockets and bags. Whatever they are carrying on their person will be their starting equipment as they unexpectedly arrive from the real world into the Forgotten Realms. The PCs know everything they know OOCly, including any game world knowledge they might have, and they can use their phones while batteries last — no internet access in Waterdeep though. Can they find their way back home?

5) Marvin’s Nightmare

The PCs are NASA astronauts, the best of the best, chosen for their skill, professionalism and intellect to be the first people to land on Mars. Unfortunately, their ship was designed by ACME laboratories and the Looney Tunes laws of physics start to apply instead of the regular ones shortly after lauch.

Have you ever played in a short and silly campaign? We’d love to hear all about it in the community forum. This week’s changelog is empty, but expect some updates next week!