Featuring the new Featuring Feature

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This week we have made some major changes to the World of Darkness system, introducing creature types (Werewolf, Vampire, Ghoul, etc.) and clans (or Courts or Elements or what have you) as well as various other minor improvements. Even Pathfinder saw some useful additions.

The main feature we’re featuring in today’s blog, however is the Featured Campaign, which you can find on the main site above. Featured campaigns allow us to showcase some of the campaigns on our platform which we feel are particularly well fleshed out, which do something special or that highlight how you can get the most out of the platform. Also, it’ll feature what we think is cool.

Some of the featured campaigns may be actively looking for players or dungeon masters to support them, and being featured will draw attention to them, while for other campaigns it might just be an opportunity to have a moment in the sun. Our initial plan is to feature one campaign every month and tell you why we thought that campaign in particular is deserving of attention.

If you would like your campaign to be featured, feel free to reach out to us — we’d be happy to have a look, and we may even be able to give some tips and tricks (or help out by developing a new feature or theme) to make sure your campaign shines!

For the exact list of changes, be sure to check out this week’s changelog and as always, let us know in the forums what you think!