Disabling Campaign Components

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Not all campaigns on RPGpad are the same type of game. Some are tabletop campaigns, some are forum-based campaigns, and some focus on chat adventures.

Up until now, RPGpad provided every campaign with both a Forum and a Chat, regardless of the type of campaign you run. With our newest update we have added the ability to disable those components for your campaign, allowing you to disable the Chat, the Forum or both.

In the configuration menu, you can now find the option “Campaign Type”. There you enable or disable the options you want and adjust the communication channels available to all players depending on the type of campaign you run. For example, if you have a tabletop campaign you run every week, you may not have need for either, while a chat-based game may not have use for the Forum

We have not added the campaign type selection itself just yet, as we want to see how these options are used first — and because we do not want to lock you into certain combinations of components. As always, we’d rather that RPGpad offers you the ability to adjust to your style of play and campaign!

By default, both Forum and Chat are enabled, so if you are making a new one, you will have to disable them manually.

We’ve also made a few smaller improvements, which can be seen in this week’s changelog. And as always, if you have questions, feebback, ideas, or just want to talk with us: feel free to open a thread on the community forum.