Custom Permissions I

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On RPGpad many of the things that have to do with permissions are automatically set up for you. This includes things like the roles you can give members of the campaign, such as “game master” or “moderator”, as well as determining who may (or may not) edit a thread.

For example, under normal circumstances only moderators and operators are allowed to edit a thread once a few posts have been made. However, RPGpad understands that some situations are different. If only a single person has posts in the thread — for example to make an in-character journal or diary — they are the “owner” of the thread and get to edit and remove it as well, even if they are not a moderator.

However, there will always be situations that RPGpad does not understand automatically. To help you out here we have been desiging and testing a new “custom permissions” feature that will allow you to configure several permissions to better fit your campaign and community.

Today, we updated RPGpad with the first of these custom permissions: the ability to modify the edit rights of wiki pages!

Edit rights display

The screenshot above shows the first version of the edit rights customization that is now available to you in your campaign. You can restrict the editing of wiki pages to players having one of the allowed roles, or even just explicitly name the players that are allowed to edit the page.

This is just the first of several customizable permissions, we are currently investigating several interesting options:

  • Restricting replies in a thread. For example, allowing only moderators to post there, which offers a more fine-grained alternative to simply locking the thread completely.
  • Restricting editing of a whole wiki. For example, setting the whole of the Rules wiki to be editable only by game masters.
  • Restricting the visibility of a forum’s threads. This would allow making a game masters only forum, or even a moderators only forum.
  • Potentialy restricting the visibility of wiki pages. We are not certain about this one yet, but we can see several situations where this might be useful.
  • Multiple players for characters. Farther into the future this might also allow the creation of characters that can be played by multiple people, which would be very useful for things like NPCs in forum roleplays.

Take note that this is a process of discovery, not everything in the list might make it, nor is this list everything we might discover to be useful! In a future blog post we will elaborate more on these options as we have thought them over and discovered what works and what does not.

We would love to hear what you think about these upcoming changes, and as always, details about all changes are available in the changelog.