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This week we have been busy clearing up some technical debt which is a fancy way of saying we’re cleaning up our code. It is always good to keep the code as clean as possible, but this change has a specific purpose: we are preparing for some new features, in particular regarding character sheets.

Some time ago, we added the option to “Show Differences” to wiki pages. We are looking to add this feature to character sheets as well. In its most basic form this would allow you to compare two versions of your character sheet to see how it has changed over time, or to verify you correctly updated your sheet for example.

Beyond the basic form, we’re also looking for the right way to highlight what changes you’ve made in your sheet so far while you are still editing. Not only is this helpful to avoid accidentally raising a score you didn’t intend to while scrolling through the sheet edit on a touch screen, it also allows you to see what effect certain changes will have on other powers and abilities.

And that brings us neatly to the third intended feature. For a while now, you’ve had the option to add conditional modifiers to your sheet. These modifiers, which only apply in certain situations, are not calculated on your sheet, but have been stored for convenient reference. We want to take this to the next level and allow you to activate these in your regular character sheet view. Thus if your barbarian enters their rage, you can activate those bonuses and your sheet will tell you the correct values.

Now, these features are still under development, so the details may change and you might not see them turn up for a little while still, but the groundwork is being laid and we hope to show them off to you soon! For these and other changes, keep an eye out for our changelog and as always, please feel free to let us know what you think in the forum!