Campaign Management

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This week we implemented a campaign removal and automatic campaign delisting.

Originally, we had three features in mind. Two of which because campaigns end. Some do so after a few sessions, and some after years of play. Some do so by neatly tying up all open plot lines, others have open endings.

The features we have in mind are:

  • Archiving — we want to allow people to archive their campaign. This will make the campaign read-only so it can be preserved revisiting the setting, house rules, and other custom content. Or just to revisit the memories of a great campaign!

  • Removal — we want to allow people to remove a campaign. Sometimes it is easier to start over with a clean slate. This is an irrevocable action, once a campaign is removed, you cannot bring it back.

  • Delisting — we want the Active Campaigns overview to list active campaigns. Potential players go there to find your active campaign — we do not want to mislead them by showing loads of inactive campaigns. So we want to automatically delist campaigns that have been inactive for a few months.

This week we completed work on removal and delisting, and we have decided to postpone work on archiving. We think archiving a campaign is a good way to preserve all your hard work on the setting, and keep it visible for others.

However… There isn’t really anything to archive yet! So we will build this once people actually want to archive their campaign.

As always, this week’s changelog is available for you to see the exact changes we made to RPGpad.