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Character Sheet

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I've attempted to use an HTML version of a character sheet for 5e. However it doesn't show up at all.

How do we form a character sheet for players to use? I thought HTML would work.

Thank you again,


Or I guess when will 5e be an option?

First off, let me apologize for my slow reply, I really dropped the ball on that, and it is really not acceptable.

To answer your questions, we created our own formatting style for RPGpad, as it allows us to implement various custom features such as advanced link handling (and automatic updating), custom formatting such as letters, and so on. Unfortunately that means we cannot also support direct use of HTML. There are some technical and security reasons as well on that.

When you use a Custom Game System Campaign, you can create a regular wiki page for a character sheet. Regular formatting includes such things as tables, columns or even sidebars to work out your own sheet layout.

In the Game System Configuration for the Custom Game System, you can store the blank layout, so every new character will automatically get that as a sheet (though you will need to fill it out by hand).

We are also working on 5th edition, but right now things are a little bit slow going, unfortunately. It is my hope we can have support for 5th edition working come Spring.

Again, my apologies for the slow reply

Thank you for the reply, I also appreciate the apology. I'm trying to get this going so needed a response to plan ahead :)