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Is there a manual on the syntax that can be used in pages?

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There are various features that you can use in 'wiki' pages, like (( out of character comments )) between double brackets. Is there a breakdown of all these features anywhere?

You can use those features on the forums as well!

There's not currently a breakdown of what can be done where; though that's something I am literally working on right now.

For now, you can make get a quick preview by quoting this post, since it will feature some of the more useful available things.

I'll clean this post up once there is some real information on this.

For example:


Links: General Discussion, Is there a manual on the syntax that can be used in pages?, and even with custom text: bug-posting place.

Note that you can make links from anywhere to anywhere within a campaign, so linking from the wiki to the forum works, and the other way around as well!

Out of character block.

Yo can also make (( inline out of character remarks ))


Tables with headers
Banana Pear Apple


  • List without numbers
  • More list
    • Nested lists
    • Yay!

More lists:

  1. You can also...
  2. ... make lists with numbers.

And bold, italics, and strikethrough texts.