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Feature requests for creating and editing pages

First if all I'd like to say that I like the help pages on text formatting amd links ons the FWURG forum. In my opiniom they are clear and elaborate.

During my most recent page creation adventure, I found that navigating to the pages is a bit cumbersome, because I only find the link above forum-post-typing-spaces. Is it possible to add a link to the page editing dialog, and/or add a tab to the Help page?

Another thing I kind of miss from OldFWURG is the preview function. Saving and re-editing out all my mistakes works, but this leads to a lot of redundant versions...

If I'm understanding your first question correctly, you want a link to the help pages on the wiki's "Edit Page" page? If so, that link is already there: just above the large text field, in roughly the same place as on the forums. (The link to the help pages is basically found above every large text field that understands formatted text.)

We agree that the system is currently a bit lacking in the Preview-department. We have that feature on our list of "Important Features". The list is described in our blogpost on this year's plans, Though I now notice that previews aren't named explicitly there. Rest assured though, that we will be working on this feature in the near future.

Ah, my bad. I see it now!

As you might have read in Changelog 2019-03-09, previews are now available!

You can find them in the top-left of each text editor field.

Happy writing :)