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Changelog 2021-12-03

This week we have made a significant change to the way several UI dropdowns work (noted under the 'Technical' header in the changelog), and we've made improvements to the chat, wiki editing, and schema editing.

Also be sure to check out this weeks blogpost about Narrativist players!


  • It is now possible to open a private conversation directly from a player name in the room listing, without switching to the players list and looking them up again. This makes it easier to open a private conversation with someone in a room you're in.
  • In the same vein it is now possible to ignore/unignore directly from the room listing. The same benefits apply herem, as it has become just a tad easier to ignore and unignore someone in the same room.


  • The text fields in the infobox for things like Person, Location, etc., now have autocomplete suggestions for values used multiple times in that field. This assists players to pick commonly used values in fields, especially helpful for things like a "Family" or "Status" field.


  • We've made an improvement to schema editing: if you rename a schema with fields that use the schema itself (such as having a Person with a Spouse field that should be a Person), the schema name in the field will be updated correctly. This means that renaming a schema that has fields that refer to itself no longer needs to be done in two steps.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug that caused the + and - button of the number fields to ignore the minimum and maximum values set for the field. This has been fixed, preventing you from accidentally going past the maximum value of, for example, a hitpoint field. It is still possible to explicitly type in a higher value.


  • Changed the way autocomplete dropdowns, action dropdowns (the 'New Person', 'New Location', etc. dropdown), and chat player actions dropdowns work. This change should not be noticable as a player, if you do notice something strange going on with the autocomplete, or some other dropdown, please let us know!