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Changelog 2021-11-26

This week we have finished our work on improving the chat with respect to some necessary, but hopefully not used often, features.

In this week's blog post we show how and where to use the new Ignore feature of the Chat.


  • Players can now be temporarily ignored. You will no longer see text messages and rolls from ignored players, nor will you get private conversation messages or notifications from them.
    • You can ignore (and unignore) a player via the players list, where a new "..." button has been added for such actions.
    • Ignored players are only remembered for that chat session, and only for that device (so you can ignore someone on your phone, and still get their messages on your laptop). Furthermore, their messages will still be visible in the archive, if you wish to read them later.
    • A notice will be shown in private conversations with ignored players, so you know that you will not see their replies.
  • The players listing is now sorted, instead of being listed in the "first seen, first in list" order. This makes finding online players just a little easier.
  • Minor polish for the private conversation display, to clearly show the participants of the conversation in the header.