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Changelog 2020-09-25

During the week we picked off a lot of smaller bug fixes, as well as adjusting the player and character overviews as part of our polishing rework.

This week's blog post describes the topics we are going to be working on in the coming months: Fall Roadmap.

Player & Character Overview

  • Added 'send message' button to the player overview to allow for easier private messages. This helps when someone wants to contact a game master, or is not a player in an invite-only campaign and wants to message someone to make their case for an invite.
  • Moved the player role assignment options to the player profile page. This unclutters the player listing and clarifies that the role changes are only performed for that player when roles are assigned.
  • Added a search and filter bar to player list. This helps a lot in larger campaigns when someone is looking for staff, or a specific player profile.
  • Changed character tiles in the characer overview to be more image-centric. This better showcases the character images, and makes them easier to find visually.

Minor Tweaks

  • The "Unread" marker is no longer shown on campaigns that you have left, to prevent clutter in the "Find Campaign" view. The actual unseen information is retained. When viewing the campaign you will still be notified of unseen threads, and you can still "Mark all as read" if you want.

Fixed Bugs

  • (Community report) Fixed a bug that caused character sheets, wiki pages, forum threads, and chat to not longer respond to the save and send buttons on Safari and Opera. This has been fixed, and everyone should be able to update their characters and post on forums again. This bug was fixed during the middle of the week.
  • (Community report) When transfering a character from one player to another, the list of available players to transfer to was not sorted alphabetically. This has been fixed and the list is now sorted correctly.
  • The tags in the Tags overview were sorted in a case-sensitive manner (all names starting with uppercase letters were in front of any starting with lowercase). This has been fixed, and tags are now sorted in proper alphabetical ordering.
  • Fixed an issue that caused duplicated links on schema pages to documents that reference a schema to create automatic lists. This has been fixed, and a document is now only mentioned once as containing automatic lists, instead of being mentioned once per list.
  • Fixed a layout bug that caused the Pathfinder armour configuration to have non-aligned armour entries. This has been fixed, and all rows are now flush with the right page margin.
  • Fixed a bug that caused player campaign profiles for players who are not (or are no longer) a player in the campaign to be listed as players without roles. This has been fixed, and they are correctly noted as not playing in the campaign.